Travel Insight – refresh

Our powerful business planning and analytics tool.

Travel Insights is a business planning and analytics tool that draws data from over 200 million monthly searches and exits on Skyscanner globally.  Together the search and exit data helps determine what people are looking for and if the current market offering is meeting their needs.  

Our data is delivered as raw files daily which allows you to complement internal reporting or enhance current marketing intelligence and travel analytics quickly. If a front end solution is needed, please contact us to discuss our available solutions.

The Travel Insight product by Skyscanner provides us with highly valuable and relevant information, in an easily consumable format. […] During certain occasions, the availability of the data really comes into its own; for example during peak periods of the year, the information helps us better understand the seasonality of our digital channels.

— Trevor Martin, Head of Revenue Management and Network, Iberia Express

Key benefits of Travel Insight.

  • Our travel search data gives you an overview into what your customers are looking for, and when, as well as insights into the most popular destinations which can help you price routes competitively and identify new opportunities.

  • Our redirect or click-through data gives you up to date insights into customer purchasing preferences indicating the adequacy of that route in terms of flight time, schedule, availability and price.

  • Our data is geo-tagged, so we know on aggregate where your customers are when they’re searching and when you are losing passengers to a competitor airport or airline. This can help you to understand the catchment areas and plan your marketing campaigns more efficiently.

  • The data can also be used by Destination Marketing Organisations, Airports and Financial Institutions to better target and engage with potential travellers and customers. 

Trends and analyses from Travel Insight data.

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